For Creators of New Worlds


We help you create virtual worlds. Use our systems to generate terrain, vegetation, architecture and much more.

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How big is your team? Do you want to allow your users to create content? We have devised a set of tools that make creation a truly democratic process.

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What goes up must go down. Our worlds are fully destructible.

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We've adopted voxels as the core representation for our worlds.

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Create More, Faster


A big portion of the manual work involved in creating virtual worlds can be automated. We have developed several systems that can help you get started.

Automatic generation helps to provide the background in which your stories are developed. It also helps cut your development costs, since you get to focus your efforts on what really matters.

Since we've adopted voxels, we can represent complex terrain topologies such as caves, overhangs and floating islands at no additional expense. If you've had an idea in the past, that was too crazy to create, its time may be now! Our L-Systems and Grammars can be used to produce anything that has a structure, like buildings, weapons and other objects.

Automatic artists can live anywhere! You can run generation algorithms in user systems if they are powerful enough like PCs and consoles, or for power-limited systems like mobile and the web, you can offload the generation to the cloud.



Content creation is bound to become a democratic process. It has already happened with other forms of media and it will happen for virtual worlds as well.

Our approach to creation lowers the entry barriers so amateurs can produce content with high quality standards. Not every aspect of your virtual world needs to be crafted by you; you can rely on your users to create quality content for themselves.

Voxels help to make collaboration much easier. Even if you do not open your world to your users, your creative team will benefit from the collaborative nature of the Voxel Farm engine.

Physics and Destruction


We can produce worlds where the users have real choices. Destruction can be as meaningful as creation. It can be permanent too, if you'd like.

We are able to simulate other dynamic systems such as water, fire, smoke and lava. It is possible to create other custom systems similar to these. What their simulation rules will be, is really up to you.

Voxels allow the world to come alive. We now deal with fully volumetric objects, which means we are able to know how much they weigh, what their flotation properties are and how they are made up inside.



We have adopted voxels as the basic unit to store information about virtual worlds. A voxel is the equivalent of a pixel, but in 3D. They do not have to be square; they can represent both very smooth and sharp objects at the same time.

We use voxels for content generation and editing. We have seen their greatest advantages appear there. This however does not require you to adopt an entire new production pipeline. Our system outputs traditional polygons so they can be used in legacy systems like rendering, physics, collisions, AI and path finding.

You can connect Voxel Farm to traditional game engines like Unreal, CryENGINE and Unity. From the perspective of the engine, it is like the meshes have been created by artists, the pipeline remains the same.

What is voxel farm?

This is where we grow virtual worlds and the things within them. Like in a traditional farm, many people can come together and collaborate. Like in a modern farm, we use automation to produce more and spend less.

Pricing Plans


  • Voxel Studio Suite
  • Individual License
  • Access to updates
  • License Fee $19
  • Recurring Fee $19/year


  • Voxel Studio Suite
  • Individual License
  • SDK
  • Access to updates
  • License Fee $295
  • Recurring Fee $19/month
  • 5% royalty after $100,000 gross


  • Voxel Studio Suite
  • Organization -wide License
  • Engine Source Code
  • Access to updates
  • License Fee $995
  • Recurring Fee $95/month
  • 2% royalty after $100,000 gross


  • Full source code
  • All programs and tools
  • Choose components
  • Negotiable terms
  • Custom Development

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Our Clients

“ We integrated Voxel Farm in fairly easily. Most of the challenge has been working to find the solutions for our unique requirements and collaborating with Voxel Farm to figure out the best way to fit everything together elegantly. ”

Steven Klug - Technical Director for Everquest Next and Landmark

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