Do you want to know more?

Have questions about the Voxel Farm engine? It is best if you contact us. We can arrange for a presentation, a demo or any form of communication you think will work best.

At this point in time we license the engine as full source code. The engine is written in C++.

While we include an OpenGL-based renderer this is entirely optional as the engine's output can be used from other graphics APIs like DirectX and even high level game engines like Unity, or any proprietary game engine.

We are working on an Unity integration, however we do not have a generic Unity plugin today. If your game runs on Unity, you will need to adapt the Voxel Farm Engine's output into your Unity project. Of course we can help throughout the process as this is something we have done before.

Here is the list of the key components in the engine, keep in mind it is possible to license just the components you need:

  • Engine Core: Includes the world and scene octree system, also the voxel to polygon transformation pipeline.
  • Procedural Terrain: Generate rich highly realistic or stylized terrains on the fly.
  • Voxel Instancing System: Add new layers of detail using pre-generated voxel models. This can be used for adding trees and interesting rock formations to the landscape.
  • Rendering System: Using OpenGL, it is a fast and robust renderer. It features dynamic realistic lighting and an advanced material system.
  • Sandbox Edition: Allow your users to modify anything in the world in realtime by carving and adding new voxels.
  • LSystem and Structural Grammar Language and Virtual Machine: Write small sets of rules you can use to generate large numbers of similar objects: buildings, weapons, items, virtually anything with a structure you can describe.
  • Voxelization Component: Bring pre-existing or procedurally generated meshes into the voxel world so your users can modify them. Players of your game expect to carve into a building just the same way the can carve into the ground. This component allows that.
  • Networking Component: Provides an easy way to bring a multiplayer aspect to your game.
  • Octree Voxel Database: Very fast and efficient storage for your voxel data.

Any license will include the Voxel Studio application at no additional cost, also a set of demos covering the different aspects of the engine.

There are many years of research and experimentation behind these finished components. If you choose to license, you will be saving precious time that rather be spent making a better game.

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