This section of the online help is intended for developers.

The platform uses the Voxel Farm Cloud solution for storage, processing and rendering of spatial data. For this reason, many of the APIs to interact with the platform are provided by Voxel Farm and will be under the "VoxelFarm" namespace.

The platform offers a set of APIs for developers to extend the platform's functionality. There are two main types of APIs: server-side and client-side.

Server-side APIs allow to run custom code that performs spatial tasks in a massively parallel fashion. The code is supplied by the developer as a Program entity, which runs within the context of the platform. In other cases, the programs define how different datasets will be combined together in a visualization. For more about Server-side programs, check out the Server-side Programs section of this guide.

Also server-side, the platform features a REST API which exposes the entity model of the platform. This allows to create new objects, start processing jobs like reports among other tasks. For more about the REST API, check out the REST Interface section of this guide.

Client-side APIs allow external applications or agents to interact with the platform. This may be streaming spatial data for rendering, consuiming volumetric data for local reports, export jobs, among other tasks. Fore more about client-side APIs, please check the following sections: