A new technical generation

Recent advances in voxel technology, cloud-computing and procedural generation, bring new possibilities to the gaming industry

Unleash your imagination

Free your project from the tyrany of heightmaps. Create virtual worlds with any shape, mixing architecture and environment in an organic way.

Embrace players as agents of change

Players are your biggest asset, and now they can contribute even more to the fun. Create virtual worlds that are ever-evolving, and that can be shaped and transformed by their players.

Virtually unlimited data and detail

Players would like to experience terabytes worth of content without going through length downloads and updates. Using cloud technology, Voxel Farm can help you stream a just small slice of the virtual world at a time.

Unity and Unreal Engine support

Voxel Farm integrates with mainstream game engines Unity and Unreal Engine.

You can now benefit from the advanced features found in these engines combined with the new capabilities provided by Voxel Farm, like real-time destruction and creation and streaming of virtually unlimited worlds.

Voxel Farm has been integrated to many other game engines in the past, like UNIGINE, Forgelight and Valhalla among others. If your project uses a custom rendering engine, Voxel Farm provides a path to integration.

Create more, faster

Voxel Farm offers a new paradigm for the creation of virtual worlds.

Voxel Farm automates the dirty, highly technical aspects of large world building, leaving creators to concentrate on what they do best: creating engaging content.

Our creation tools simplify the creation process to a point even small studios can create rich, massive and compelling content. Large studios adopting Voxel Farm will see their productivity increase.

A Voxel Farm product for you

From content creation to shipping a finished game, our products cover your project's needs.
Not sure which product is right for you? Please check out our online help for more information.

$19 / year

A voxel world-building application. Click for more details.

Voxel Studio 3

Voxel Studio is an advanced world creation and edition tool. Take advantage of procedural generation, LSystems and voxel editing to create amazing worlds at a fraction of the cost.

  • Windows 10
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Nvidia or AMD/ATI GPU
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$295 / year

Binary SDK for Windows OS. Click for more details.

Voxel Farm INDIE

The Voxel Farm INDIE SDK allows brining Voxel Farm into your application. It includes support for Unity and Unreal Engine.

  • 30-day free trial
  • Windows OS only
  • Partial Source Code
  • Per-seat license
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$995 / year

Full source code, supports multiple platforms. Click for more details.

Voxel Farm PRO

Go Multiplatform. The Voxel Farm PRO SDK allows brining Voxel Farm into your application. It includes support for Unity and Unreal Engine.

  • Full Library Source Code
  • Per-seat license
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Custom Terms

Intended for larger studios. Click here for more details.

Voxel Studio TRIPLE-A

The Triple-A license allows you to pick which portions of the Voxel Farm tech you want to license.

  • Cloud Support
  • GIS and Mining applications
  • Support for AWS and Azure
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