A Big Data Problem

Voxel Farm allows you to get in control of spatial data like never before

Large Sites

Cover millions of square kilometers at high resolution. Whether it is about the real world or a virtual world, Voxel Farm can store it.

Increasing Detail

Keep spatial information at the sub-micrometer scale. You could store a scan of a human body and see individual cells!

Evolving Data

Time and space are deeply connected. Voxel Farm allows you to track and understand how spatial data has changed over time.

A Spatial Platform as a Service

Most likely, your organization already uses cloud providers like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. The Voxel Farm platform extends the benefits of these cloud solutions and applies them to spatial and temporal datasets. You do not need to set up servers or devise scaling strategies for increased storage and processing. The Voxel Farm platform takes care of this for you.

Unique data, multiple use

Use your spatial data from multiple rendering systems and platforms. Visualize data from the Web or rich applications built with modern rendering engines like Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4, and UNIGINE. Desktop, mobile, AR, and VR, all available with minimum effort from your end.

Production ready!

Voxel Farm is successfully used throughout the geospatial, mining, and entertainment industries. Applied to production environments since 2015, our technology is mature, and should you need to take it to new challenges, we are here to help.