A new technical generation

The mining industry is always looking for ways to optimize their operations. Today, the advances of cloud computing and remote collaboration provide new oportunities. The Voxel Farm technology allows mining companies to leverage the vast storage and compute capabilities of cloud providers like AWS and Azure. It also brings the recent advances in rendering, networking and streaming to mining solutions.

Diverse, centralized datasets

Voxel Farm offers out-of-the-box support for mining's most prevalent spatial dataset types. Voxel Farm centralizes storage of spatial data, allowing team members to collaborate.

High-resolution visualization

Voxel Farm offers novel compression and streaming technology. Visualize complex dataset mashups over the network, using lower-end devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Large-scale computation

Voxel Farm can scale computation jobs to hundreds of thousands parallel active nodes. Get vital answers in seconds or minutes, instead of hours or days.

Becoming Data-Centric

Modern mining operations aspire to become fully Data-Centric. This requires building a central source of truth, where the understanding of the operation's past, present and future becomes accessible to entire teams.

In the past, mining operations used an Application-Centric model, which required high-end PCs, led to the proliferation of files and the inability to have a consolidated understanding of the organization's data wealth.

Transitioning to a Data-Centric model is challenging, Voxel Farm's technology provides the missing link.

Data is Beautiful

Visualization is key to understanding. The more data we can see, the faster we can see it, the better we understand a subject.

This effect is multiplied when a team of individuals sees the same data at the same time, making visualization the centerpiece of analysis and productive discussion.

Voxel Farm allows teams to share rich visualizations with minimal friction. It also provides the freedom to create mashups on-demand, discovering new facts, and reconciling different aspects of the datasets.

Parallel Processing

Computing power has recently become a commodity. The cost of computation depends only on the amount of computation performed. This makes it possible to produce anwsers in a fraction of the usual time, at the same cost, as long as the computation runs in a massively parallel fashion.

The Voxel Farm technology is designed from the ground to exploit paralellism.

Thanks to the use of voxels and volumetric computing, Voxel Farm can reduce the time required to compute reports and analysis to a small fraction compared to standard approaches.